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1. Introduction

Dignitas Ventures LTD (Company No. 11397910) is a limited company registered in England & Wales.

This page is used to inform regarding our policies with the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information of website visitors and customers of Dignitas Ventures and our  other trading styles.

If you choose to use our service, then you agree to the collection and use of information in relation with this policy. The personal information that we collect is used for the execution and development of the products and services that we deliver.

We will not use or share your information with anyone except as described in this privacy policy, cookie policy and our terms of service.

2. How We Collect Personal Information

We collect information about you via our active brands which includes:

  1. New Cove Marketing (
  2. Support Envoy (
  3. Bold Privacy (
  4. We Know Hosting (
  5. WP School (
  6. Motorhome Centre (

We collect very basic information from you including geographical location and IP address as part of our cookie policy which you can view here.

Emails & Contact Forms: Any information submitted via a contact form  on our websites or via a direct email is collected in order to deliver this information to the relevant recipient.

Live Chat & Telephone: Our live chat service and telephone number have active recording and monitoring for quality assurance and security.

Customer Information: When you register as a customer with us, an agent will request personal information from you to establish your billing account which may include your name, email address, telephone number and billing address.

3. How & Why We Use Personal Data

We collect personal information via the methods detailed above for the following purposes:

  1. We collect personal information via submissions made through email or on one of our website contact forms at your discretion solely for us to effectively answer your query with the resources you’ve attached.
  2. We record and hold text and audio from live chat, emails and telephone conversations for quality control and monitoring purposes.
  3. We maintain your personal information as a client contact for billing purposes to construct and deliver important updates and invoices.

This information may also be used in the following circumstances:

  1. We may also share this information with parties in the United Kingdom where required to by law.
  2. We may review this information for an internal investigation should we feel our terms of service have been breached.

4. How We Share Personal Data

We will never under any circumstances voluntarily share personal information with any third parties excluding the partners listed below:

  • Google Mail (
  • Yay VOIP (
  • Tawk To (
  • Freshbooks Accounting (

We may however need to share your personal information where required by law. Should we be legally required to share your personal information, we will inform you in writing where possible.

5. How We Store & Secure Personal Data

We store personal information that we collect from you in a variety of ways variable on how the data was sourced:

  1. Emails are stored on our secure server and transferred to Google Mail (deleting the server side original once transferred).
  2. Website contact form submissions are stored within the website’s content management system WordPress whilst also being emailed from our secure server to the Google Mail destination referenced above.
  3. Live chat session transcripts and the data the cookies from this service collect including your geographical location and IP address are stored with Tawk To.
  4. Telephone recordings are stored with our telephone service provider Yay.
  5. All information collected for billing and accounts including your personal information is stored within Freshbooks.

We take several measures to ensure your personal information is safe including:

  1. Only working with secure and GDPR compliant service providers.
  2. Always using strong passwords with encrypted internal sharing.
  3. Using two factor authentication where possible.

6. How You Can Control Your Personal Data

There are two manners in which we are collecting your personal data:

  1. Any information we collect via email, website contact forms, live chat sessions or telephone recording is at your absolute discretion.
  2. Billing information stored within Freshbooks is required in order to register as a client so we can fulfill our legal responsibilities.

You can make a written request for any personal information that we hold on you by sending a written request to [email protected] Our team will respond within seven days and provide a complete response in under twenty one days. In order to share this information, we may need to identify you to ensure compliance with data protection.

Whilst an active client, you can see your active billing information on all delivered invoices and liaise with your primary point of contact to amend or update this information as necessary.

7. How Long We Store Personal Data

You can learn more about how we maintain and dispose of your personal information below:

  • Personal information received via Google Mail will be deleted immediately upon the query being marked as resolved by either party. If the query is not solved and updated within seven days, we will immediately dispose of your personal information.
  • Live chat session recordings are disposed of immediately at the end of your chat session.
  • Telephone recordings are held for thirty days before being deleted.
  • Billing and accounts information is stored for six years from the final invoice date in order to comply with our legal obligations.